Protected Bike Path for Union St

We had our protest! Thank you Aberdeen for your support. We got more than 250 signatures in 1 hour which is about 4 signatures per minute!

I submitted the petition with 433 signatures in total. The committee meeting on 14th March was cancelled by the City Council however a new meeting has been scheduled for April 19th. 

If you didn't get to sign the petition you can still help by emailing your local councillor 

Where: King Edward Statue, Corner of Union St and Union Terrace, Aberdeen

When: Saturday 3rd February, 2018 from 11:30am - 12:30pm


Aberdeen City Council wants to pedestrianise the city centre but there are no plans for a protected bike path on Union St. The best way to get more people on bikes is to give them somewhere safe to ride. Union St is the heart of our city and it needs a protected bicycle path so that everyone of all ages and abilities can cycle in safety. Cycling is not an exclusive sport and should not be just for the young and fit who are brave enough to cycle next to buses.

We need 100 signatures from residents in Aberdeen City which we can submit to the petition's committee. We'll also be handing out We Walk, We Cycle, We Vote leaflets -

It's a paper petition so you'll need to come along if you want to sign it. Please join us!

If you have any questions please email


Title: Protected Bicycle Path for Union St

Petition Statement: Please build a protected bicycle path on Union St, Aberdeen, so that people of all ages and capabilities can ride bikes in safety. The protected path must be separated from motor vehicles by a physical barrier.